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Chakra Xtracts CBD TerpSauce 1g 99% CBD

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Chakra Xtracts® CBD TerpSauce™ is organically grown, US Certified Legal, Registered, & Traceable Hemp from "Soil to Oil." Our TerpSauce™ is loaded with a robust, powerful FULL SPECTRUM cannabinoid profile, and loaded with delicious food grade terps!

Chakra Xtracts® CBD TerpSauce™ contains oil carefully extracted via a combination of a gentle supercritical CO2 extraction and through their patent pending isolation process in the wonderful state of COLORADO. They manufacture their oils in a registered FDA facility and we lab test all batches 3x for solvents, heavy metals, and potency throughout the process!

Weekly, their chemists carefully infuse hand selected terpenes recommended by their flavorologists with their award winning Full Spectrum CBD oil, all while preserving the molecular structure of the CBD and balancing the natural terpene profile. Their terpenes are derived from various Organic Hemp Strains and Pure Organic A Grade Botanical Terpene Profiles.

How Can it be Used?

Chakra Xtracts® TerpSauce™ is is EXTREMELY versatile for virtually UNLIMITED uses! It’s simply a very raw, pure form of our full spectrum oil that can easily be added to anyone’s lifestyle

  • Dab TerpSauce™ in your favorite rig!
  • Load TerpSauce™ into a Wax Pen for portable dabs!
  • Top TerpSauce™ with a Bowl!
  • Roll TerpSauce™ into your smokables!