Is CBD legal?

Is CBD Legal?

We are hearing a lot about cannabis in the media, in days gone by it has gone from the drug of free love to super skunk causing anti-social behaviour and psychosis.

Nowadays it is legal in many countries whether it be recreational or medicinal. Countries like Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Thailand, Poland and Australia have all legalised cannabis for medicanal reasons in one form or another.

Canada, Uruguay, Jamaica Spain, Slovenia, Chile and Netherlands have either legalised it or decriminalised it. In the USA 10 out of 21 states have all relaxed there laws on it although federal law still says its illegal, but as of the end of last year hemp(CBD) was removed from the controlled substance act, making way for it to be grown and distributed freely.

The UK government has made a huge step forward by giving the green light for specialist doctors to prescribe cannabis based medicines but by no means more accessible! Meanwhile the UK are using cannabinoids (CBD) more and more to help promote wellbeing, from using everyday soaps to trendy cocktails and tinctures. CBD products are becoming more and more popular.